The Martin Garrix Story

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     From ghost producer to main stage DJ at every major festival in the world, Martin Garrix, born Martin Garritsen, is the Netherland’s youngest EDM prodigy, and the mastermind behind many of the scene’s chart-topping tunes. The rise of Garrix is often credited to the massive sensation “Animals” but his real rise started a bit before that as told in an interview with DJ Mag.

At such a young age, it is hard to understand how Garrix jumped into the inner circle with Spinnin Records so quickly. The story behind this according to Garrix, is that he “made a ghost production for somebody else- I can’t tell you which track I made – but the track got signed to Spinnin’ Records and became really big. They found out I made it and so they invited me to their office and I played them my other stuff – and we signed.” A clear victory for Martin Garrix and this was a massive opportunity to release his own material through Spinnin’ records. Through ghost producing for a larger, still unknown, producer, Garrix was able to showcase his talent. At the time, it may have been difficult for Garrix to watch festival-goers jumping to the track he made, yet nobody knew he made it, but if we were to ask him now, it was probably the best investment he’s ever made. Because of that ghost production, he earned an opportunity others cannot get by submitting tracks to labels.


Ghost production is a unique and arguably the best way to get your foot in the door as an up and coming producer. For Garrix, the result of that ghost production and his releases since has landed him number 4 in the world. There are many other producers following the path of Garrix and ghost producing for larger DJs and labels for their shot at their own releases. I see it all the time at Spinnin as well as other large labels such as Revealed or Dim Mak. Releases on these labels are not handed out to “great tracks,” but rather earned through hard work and helping the larger artists on the roster.

The reality is, you can’t go it alone as a producer anymore. You need an in and you need to earn your place. The inner circle of the top DJs and labels is not going to be handed to you, but rather earned. The investment in ghost production can have unbelievable returns and can ultimately take you further than you’ve ever imagined.

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