How To Become The Next Big Festival DJ

How To Become The Next Big Festival DJ

It’s easy to simply look at a big name EDM Artists and think of how amazing they are and the influence they have on everyone without really thinking about what it took for that DJ to achieve such status. A lot of hard work goes into it involving a lot more people most can imagine. Big name EDM artists can not get to where they are today without considerable help from their team.

Regardless of the size of the team, no EDM DJ can do it alone if they want to be or are playing in the big leagues. Let’s start by looking at a full team that a big name mainstream EDM DJ would have. Artists Manager, Label Agent, Publicist, Social Media Manager, various Assistants, Financial Advisor, Studio Manager, and a lot more special project contractors. Having a large team ensures that not just all tasks are getting done, but having more eyes on the career, filling any gaps and tying loose ends. DJS who are just starting out find it necessary to have a smaller team, as focusing purely on the music production is the main and only focus.


In 2014 at the EDM Biz Conference in Las Vegas, famed DJ Hardwell participated in a panel discussion where he presented Team Hardwell. The panel consisted of Hardwel’s Tour Manager, Label Manager, and Marketing Agent. They discussed the details in elevating your brand through all the key management streams. To make it in the EDM industry, it’s imperative to properly manage deadlines, bookings, tour schedules, negotiations, social media, and so much more.

There are a couple of team members that have always been with a DJ from their conception to their mainstream status. You can usually find DJs working with an artist manager and a ghost producer, thus making a new DJs team very small, but still requiring a team. The artist manager may start out as a friend who is organized and has basic business skills to help with the non music production side of their career. With a new DJ, there isn’t too much on the plate to overwhelm the manager. The ghost producer is another who is most likely with the DJ from the very beginning. Some DJs want to spend their music production time creating an abundance of tracks so they use ghost producers to clean them up to be label ready. On the other hand, some DJs want to start out the gates with perfection so they will enlist ghost producers to write the track for the DJ to put their own personal twist on it. Either way, a ghost producer is a key part of a DJs career from the start.


Long rumored EDM Ghost Producer for David Guetta put it perfectly when talking about growing stardom and making music. “Nobody cares if it’s your track or other people’s track as long as the party is good.” All in all people just want to vibe with the music and to dance; and it takes a team, regardless of what career stage the DJs is in.

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