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We are proud to have paid more than $4 Million to independent artists and we’re just getting started.

Join the world’s largest ghost production network. Over 25,000 tracks sold.

How it Works

1. Apply to Join

Fill out our producer application to join our network of global sellers. Once approved you will receive all necessary information to start sending and selling tracks.

2. Submit Your Tracks

Our team will review each submission and send the contract required to be signed with every track listed. This includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect all seller and buyer information.

3. Get Paid

Once your track is sold, you will receive payment within 5-7 business days.

Benefits of edmgp

Join our global network of producers and enjoy unparalleled benefits. We’re proud to have paid more than $4 Million to producers around the world and we’re just getting started. Below are some of the key benefits of working with us.

$4 Million Paid

Millions paid to creators like you

30,000+ Tracks Sold

A testament to our network’s success


Create on your schedule, at your pace

Global Reach

Be part of a community spanning over 75+ countries


Unlock recurring income producing tracks, DAW templates & sample packs.


You will earn 70% of every sale

Creative Control

Produce in any EDM or Pop genre


We believe strongly in protecting both your information as a seller as well as the information of all clients. Our focus is on unique tracks that are exclusive to our network. In order to join and sell, you must meet the following.

Must have a verified label release

All tracks must be exclusively listed on EDMGP

Complete anonymity: Contract & NDA for every track

No use of construction kits, templates or melodic loops

Payments made within 5 business days of sale

Include stems, MIDI, mixdown, master & instrumentals



Largest Ghost Production Marketplace

With more than 25,000 tracks sold, we get your music in front of more artists.

Be an Artist on Your Own Schedule

Unlimited creative flexibility. You work on the types of music you want to, when you want to. Sure, we can help with recommendations, but the creative part is up to you!


Collaborate and create

Opportunities are available to collaborate directly with up and coming artists to help them achieve their desired sound.

make money doing what you love!

Whether it is ghost productions, sample packs or teaching courses, you can get your sounds out to thousands all while getting paid doing what you love.

Asked Questions

Start by filling out our ghost producer application that requires a few simple track demos and a verification reference. Once your application is approved, a member of our team will get in touch to assist with onboarding and getting your started.
As a producer, you get to set your own prices. We are happy to advise on pricing and can provide pricing data based on genre trends so you can maximize your earnings.
Yes, we require a contract to be signed with every track uploaded to the platform. This includes an NDA.
The following elements will be needed in a .zip folder: Track stems (sub-tracks) rendered for the full length of the project, MIDI for all melodic elements, a .wav mixdown (-6db), a .wav master and an instrumental .wav of the mix and master. If your track has a royalty-free acapella, we’ll need a .txt file with a link to the royalty-free source of the vocal.
Once your producer application is approved, a member of our music team will reach out with instructions on how to start sending tracks.
Our music store team provides bi-weekly updates on the status of your tracks, sales and payments.
Payment options include PayPal and Payoneer.



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