The EDM Ghost Producers Behind Tigerlily

The EDM Ghost Producers Behind Tigerlily

You typically see EDM DJ Producers beginning their career at the start of their adulthood. Young DJs find their love for music and want to share it with the world. It’s not often you hear about a DJ staring off in their preteen years, let alone toddler years. Well a little girl named Dara Hayes did just that. Dara, aka Tigerlily, globally recognized female EDM DJ began her music career at just 4 years old. As a youngster, Tigerlily began attending music school  learning the basics of composition. Growing up, she continued her love for music and began DJing at 18. The Australian DJ also pursued a college degree in Marketing and Sociology. As a young adult, she quickly started becoming a power like superhero with her unstoppable skills of being a DJ, exercising the finite skills of marketing, and understanding the social tendencies of society. It’s no wonder Tigerlily has been able to kill in all the aspects of being a successful EDM DJ with her top tracks and amazing ghost producers. 


These days, with the ease of access to the world through so many platforms, the evolution of a DJ is continuing to grow. At first being a DJ was playing music, then it became playing and producing, and now it’s playing, producing, and marketing. Tigerlily is at the forefront of this evolution with not only being savvy in all these areas, but enlisting support to give it that extra kick. 

In 2017, Tigerlily enlisted an amazing team to help not only churn out a fun 90s throwback style music video, but to also ghost produce the track as well. Track “Ashes” was ghost produced by Mike Campbell, Nathaniel Lamm Evans, Cooper Green, Gatlin Green, Mark Merthe. Grabbing a great mix of producers is a perfect formula for a great track. This ensures all areas of creativity can be hit, just as one does in marketing. You utilize different avenues to create a perfect storm.  

Taking a step back and looking at Tigerlily’s career as a whole. You can see how it pays to be a marketing professional along with producing. She found out what people want to hear as well as want to see. She has that funky yet sexy vibe exuding through her photos and on stage. Tigerlily gets the crowd going on stage with not just her skills on the decks but with her energy as she’s jumping and dancing around all over the stage. From Hakkasan in Las Vegas, Echostage in Washington D.C, and Create Nightclub in Los Angeles to Club Octagon in Seoul, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Lollapalooza in Sweden and the Main Stage of Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo New York City, its clear that she’s a promoter and fan favourite. 


Tigerlily has found the perfect balance of using EDM Ghost Producers to compliment her already given/learned talent. She quickly realized that a perfect balance of utilizing resources (in the studio with producers & social media with marketing professionals) is the formula for a great career as an EDM DJ Producer.

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