Consistency Of Your EDM Social Media Content

To a new EDM artists, the concept of keeping up with social media can be daunting. The thought of having to create content, in addition to their own music productions, can leave one questioning the importance of posting content regularly. However, consistency is perhaps one of the most important factors to take into consideration when an artist is managing their own social media accounts. Consistency is an essential aspect of building your overall social media presence.

Your artist social media page is a way to show the world what you and your brand are all about. This is where you will be able to promote any of your future releases and tour dates directly to your followers. However, first, you must be able to acquire and maintain that loyal following. You can start by taking a look at the 2 groups that will be engaging with your content, (1) those who are already following you and (2) those who are not following you yet. Addressing those who follow you first, these are people that are less likely to view your page as a whole, but instead view your posts as they are shared via their timeline. This is where your content will be going up against all other accounts and brands that that particular follower follows. Keeping a consistent schedule with your posts will keep you recognizable to your audience. With people checking their phones and social media several times over the course of the day, they are blasted with a constant flow of new information, most of which they are likely not to retain if they only ever saw it once. You want to be able to make sure that people see you, or your brand, on an almost daily basis in order to maintain that following, and keeping your brand in someone’s recent memory. The second group of people we are targeting are those who are not following you yet, these are people who will be visiting your page after seeing one of your post within their explore page on Instagram or a friend of theirs sharing one of your posts via Facebook. This is someone who will initially be looking at your page as a whole, instead of as an individual post. For this you must consider the consistency within your posts. Are your posts all similar in appearance and style? For example, if you are a Deep House artist that focuses on deep and dark melodies and your brand is revolved around a dark and mysterious persona, you want to consistently apply dark overtone on everything your post. This consistency translates to a better first impression when people first see your page. Due to all of your posts sharing similar dark colors, your page will seem more professional and give those viewing your page a clearer understanding of what your brand is all about. On Instagram, many accounts like to take advantage of Instagram displaying 3 images per row when viewing a profile page and divide their posts into categories. First they will post 3 posts of a similar style and color tone (ie: photo from performance, music preview, music video highlight, etc…), and then post the next 3 posts as a different style, ultimately leading to a very well organized looking account that new viewers to your account will be more enticed to follow and look through.


Although we recommend that you attempt to upload a post to your social media on a daily basis, this can be adjusted based on the quality of content that you are uploading. This raises the question; What’s more important, quantity or quality? Although we advise you to create the best quality content possible, when you first begin you might not know what “quality” content means in respect to what works for your brand. To figure out what kind of content works for you as an artist you must start with creating as much content as possible in order to see what attracts the best engagement and the most followers. Through this process of posting a wide variety of content, you should also get a better understanding of who your followers are and the best way to engage them. Over time, you will start to understand what kind of content your audience wants to see from you and you can then invest more resources to making sure that the quality of the content that you are posting looks as professional as possible.

Consistency in social media is the key factor in propelling a new artist to superstardom. By continuing to release content that regularly engages your audience a new artist can maintain a loyal following that will be interested in returning to see the progression of the artist’s rise. All while new followers are enticed by the appeal of the artist’s social media page resulting in them becoming a new follower of their page. Through a sharing of a wider variety of content, a new artist can discover what content to focus on and improve. This consistency can be the driving force to help a page see who their following is and what content best suits who they are catering it for. Staying consistent can be the determining factor to the success of your overall social media presence.

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