Why Big Room is NOT Dead

It seems like there is a weekly article about how Big Room House is dead and or on its decline these days. There is some validity to each of these articles and they bring up some interesting points, however, don’t panic yet Big Room producers. Big Room House is still very much alive! In case you haven’t been to a festival recently, the main stage is still filled with relatively repetitive synths layered over a monstrous kick. This description may not sound so glamorous, but at the end of the day, it works very well with big stages and huge crowds, hence the name Big Room House. The reality is, as long as EDM is drawing such large crowds, Djs will have to play tracks to keep the whole room moving.


Considering how well the human ear picks up low frequencies, it is not surprising that we love that big bassy kick. On top of that, the more melodic a lead sound is (typically) the less “fat” it sounds because your brain subconsciously has more to focus on which is why Big Room relies on relatively repetitive melodies and let’s be honest, it really gets crowds going. For the two reasons mentioned above, Big Room really does have the perfect recipe for enjoyment at large scale events. When you add the production value of lazers, confetti, and C02 cannons, the experience is heightened and leaves everyone waiting for the next high energy drop. Of course other types of music can attract large crowds, in fact music festivals have existed for a very long time, predating the Electronic Dance Music sensation, but our argument is that Big Room House will remain prominent in most dance festivals. Articles came out with the predictions that EDC sets would consist of very little big room in 2014, yet as most of us have heard, that definitely was not the case and I would argue, we will hear a lot more of it in 2015.

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So in conclusion, don’t be so quick to jump on the deep house/future house train and feel like that is what you need to produce, because Big Room will still get your tracks plenty of attention. Being repetitive of course does not help, but the genre is not dead, just in need of some fresh inspiration. By all means, don’t be afraid to try something new, that is at the heart of every great track, just don’t let the nay-sayers get you down!

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