Top 5 EDM Labels that Will Listen to Your Demos

As an aspiring DJ and or producer, it is difficult to find industry insiders who will actually listen to your music. Sure, all labels feature a demo email, but most hardly, if ever, listen to all of their submissions. There are a few innovations within the demo submitting process that have changed the way submitting demos works such as Spinnin’ Record’s “Talent Pool” in which artists are able to contribute their music to the pool which then is subject to voting and the top tracks are guaranteed to be reviewed by Spinnin’ themselves. Things like the Talent Pool and remix contests for chances at a label release are interesting new ways for up and coming producers to have their tracks heard, but the problem is that it becomes more of a popularity contest than a talent related selection process.


Submitting your demo the good old-fashion way remains the best way to be judged for the quality of your work, not the loyalty of your following and or how many of your Facebook friends you can bother enough times until they vote for you. Here is our list of the top 5 Labels that you have a realistic opportunity to have your track signed. Keep in mind these are not the largest labels in the scene, but they offer a unique starting place. Also keep in mind that there is no substitution for quality of the music.

EDM Record Labels Accepting Demos

  1. Peak Hour Music. Open to a number of genres. With label head DJ Exodus at the helm, they have generated support from multiple top 10 Djs and continue to bring in a good amount of plays for every track they sign.
  2. Brooklyn Fire Records. Genre- Mainly Electro House. With a lot of support from, they are able to generate great exposure from up and comers.Send demos to [email protected]
  3. Musical Noise. Open to multiple Genres. They have premiered many official remixes for big time artists and worth looking into.
  4. Big Alliance Records. Mainly Melbourne Bounce, Big Room and Electro House. A lot of great tracks have come from these guys and they seem to promote some of the best up and comers in the genre.
  5. SQUAD Recordings. With just under 6,000 Facebook fans, they are able to provide some decent exposure, but aren’t overwhelmed with demos! Take a look if you are making big room or electro house.


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