Take it Easy on Aiden Jude

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When Aiden Jude came on to the EDM scene in April of this year with his release “Tonight,” the internet exploded with conversation over whether a 10 year old was really capable of constructing a song that went to number 49 in the Billboard Dance Charts. When we think of the young producers who have truly made some noise, most of us think of Martin Garrix and Danny Avila, but even they are almost double the age of Aiden Jude. April of this year was the first time anyone had heard a hit single “produced,” by someone who had barely celebrated his 10th birthday.


Now I put the term “Produced” in quotation marks because there has been serious controversy over whether or not Aiden Jude was really responsible for the track he claimed. Now there is no question that musical genius has been shared to the world by 4 year old pianists and 6 year old guitar masters, but electronic music production is a whole different world and is more than just being musically gifted. Understanding complex digital audio workstations (DAW), take a long time to become familiar and to navigate with ease. Jude claims to have been moved by the well-known track “Calling,” by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso when he was 8 years old. Just a quick observation tells us that within two years, he was introduced to Electronic Music, got his parents to buy him some DJ equipment and production software, put in the time to master his DAW, and produced a billboard charting track. Now I’m not saying that it can’t be done, however from an 8 year old kid, it just doesn’t seem plausible.


Aiden is not benign to what has been said about him on the internet and frankly, the internet is not a forgiving place for anything out of the ordinary, and this holds especially true for an eight year old producer / DJ. He has answered the whole ghost production interrogation by stating the the track was a team event and not fully credited to him. He mentioned in a web interview that hardly any projects are produced, mixed, and mastered by the same artist. Now while this may be true, the questions still remain in phase one of the process “Produced”.


Whether or not you feel he produced his track, he does have a point. Most tracks are not created start-to-finish by the same person these days. The only difference between Aiden’s tracks and those by larger producers is that he is 8. We can all pretend that our Mainstage Masters are working behind their computer screens to deliver top quality productions, but that just isn’t the reality. Ghost producing is everywhere and if you’ve ever looked at production credits on an album, you rarely only see one name behind a track. Regardless of how you feel about Aiden Jude, there will always be those manufactured stars that are the product of money and a lot of behind the scenes work.


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