5 EDM Blogs that Will Feature Your Music for FREE

5 EDM Blogs that Will Feature You For FREE

As an up-and-coming producer, it is important to seek out as much exposure as possible. Without large marketing budgets that the labels have access to, you are probably working with very little. One thing to note is that there are so many blogs out there that are actually looking for tracks to feature that are not getting enough submissions! Producers often overlook the value of networking with blog owners and writers and should really take into consideration building the relationships as they hold the keys to reaching a broader audience.

Before we dive into some of our favorite blogs for free features, we want to make two notes.

First and foremost, EDMGhostProducer.com does not have any affiliation with these blogs, nor do we receive any form of compensation for their features here. EDMGhostProducer was founded by producers and our goal is to help producers and up and coming DJs as much as we can.

Second, it is important to be honest with yourself about your music. It is important to build a brand form the beginning and nothing will hurt a brand more (especially in a young phase) than sending half finished, stolen, or subpar work to blogs and labels. You may think they will never know, but after talking with multiple blog and label owners and writers, many actually do remember producers who spam them with subpar or half finished work and refuse to open their emails even long after.

That being said, after you are confident with your work and are ready to seek out some promotion, you may want to take a look at submitting to one of these 5 EDM Blogs that Will Feature You For FREE.


Here is our list of:

5 EDM Blogs that Will Feature You For FREE

1) EDM.com This is one of the more well-known and obvious choices to send your music. Though they are flooded with work all the time because of their large network and sometimes take up to two weeks to respond, they are still a solid bet for up and coming producers. A feature on EDM.com is highly competitive, but free. You have to keep in mind, they only accept the best of the best and your work has to stand out from the hundreds of submissions they receive on a daily basis. EDM.com also is known for their massive SoundCloud network with features typically generating a nice 30k plays within a week. What’s better too, is that many smaller blogs get their new tracks to feature from EDM.com as they do not receive enough quality submissions. If you think you have what it takes, this may be a great route.

2) Electro Mind Set A lesser known blog than EDM.com, but still highly valuable with over 15k monthly visitors. This is a great place to seek a feature as it is paired with a decent size SoundCloud network. Submissions are open for every genre and always listened to as guaranteed by its’ writers.

3) All Access Electronic: Though relatively new in comparison to the other blogs mentioned, there is a good amount of growth to be found here. Submissions are accepted from all genres and they are guaranteed to be listened to. Of course, your music has to be up to par, but this is a great place for you to get some exposure.

4) Soh Blog: Though not as large as some of the other blogs mentioned, SOH Blog made our list due to their eagerness to support up and coming producers and Djs. The blog has also launched a SoundCloud page to pair submissions for additional exposure. The SoundCloud channel is young, however growing relatively quickly. SOH Blog remains a good option for those just getting started.

5) Tropikult: For those making a slower genre either deep or tropical house, Tropikult is an avenue worth exploring. Combined with a multi channel SoundCloud (most with over 20k followers), this blog seems to feature just about everyone regardless of their following on SoundCloud or Facebook which is perfect for those just getting started. Better yet, most of the submissions are reposted which means the original artist gets the play count added to their SoundCloud.


Our staff at EDMGhostProducer.com is always looking for opportunities to get up and coming producers and DJs a chance to have their music heard. We are not implying any affiliation with the mentioned blogs. Be sure to submit your tracks to one of the 5 EDM Blogs that Will Feature You For FREE



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