Top 7 SoundCloud Networks Accepting Demos in 2018

Top 7 SoundCloud Networks Accepting Demos in 2018

How would you like to get 100,000 new plays on SoundCloud with your latest release? Promoting tracks the right way on SoundCloud is something most artists struggle with, especially when they are just getting started. It can be a difficult task, but promotion opportunities are out there to take advantage of, you just need to know where to look and how to approach these channels.

Here at EDMGhostProducer, we’ve helped hundreds of artists increase their exposure on SoundCloud. We’ve helped run campaigns resulting in the coveted club of over 100k plays with massive viral success. Throughout this post, we are going to give advice we’ve gathered from actual SoundCloud Network Owners who make the decisions on what is promoted and what is not. Many of these critical steps can make all the difference.

We all want our track to go viral once we upload to SoundCloud, but the reality is, the majority of what makes a track go viral is done before the track is released. There are several important steps to take before you release your track to get the maximum effect and to be able to capitalize on a successful release.  We are going to highlight several important steps as well as highlight some great outlets for up and coming artists to have their track featured and to begin to grow their SoundCloud reach.

Before approaching a network you want your track featured on you need to make sure your track meets several requirements. Remember, promotion platforms want to benefit from helping you just as you benefit from helping them. They are looking for win-win scenarios, so make sure to do your best to look like a win.

FIRST – Make sure the track you are sending is the full version and not just the preview. The most common reason why artists try and work with this strategy is to encourage people to proceed with their follow-to-download gate in order to hear the full track. Although in theory this strategy is a good idea, it does not work in practice. Working with just a track preview makes promotion quite a bit more difficult and with so many other artists trying to grab the attention of promotion outlets, they will simply move past your track.

The second important step is to make sure your track has a professionally designed track cover. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a track without a cover or with a stock image taken from Google. These content curators see thousands of track covers per month and can easily identify a professionally made cover from an amateur. Remember, you are competing with thousands of artists for the attention of the promotion channel, so you need to do all you can to stand out. The artwork with your track is important to help you stand out and is one of the single biggest determining factors of having your track played or skipped over.


The third step, is to have your SoundCloud profile professionally designed and an email to be contacted. It is surprising how many up and coming artists do not include a contact email clearly visible on their SoundCloud profile. If someone hears your track and clicks through to your channel, how do you expect them to get in contact with you? It would be a waste to not capitalize on the exposure your promotion campaign brings you. Make sure you set yourself up for success before the campaign is launched.

The fourth and arguably the most difficult is to know where to look when setting up your campaign. Instead of aimlessly spamming hundreds of random channels, try to narrow in on what you feel will be the best fit for your track. Make sure to check when their last repost was to ensure the network is active. We’ve included our Top 7 SoundCloud Networks Accepting Demos in 2018:

Trap It!


-Trap/Future Bass

EDM Gate


-All Genres

Parthenon Network


-All Genres

Twisted Tracks


-All Genres

Exclusive Drops


-All Genres



-All Genres, Mainly Future/Deep House

Groove Generation



Between these SoundCloud Promotion Networks, you already have a reach of almost 300,000 potential new fans. There are plenty of other networks out there for promotion opportunities, you just need to know where to look. With EDM Ghost Producer SoundCloud reposting opportunities, we can help you add hundreds of thousands of additional reach to your current promotion plan.  It would be great to capitalize on opportunities like these, so make sure to set yourself up as a win for these networks.

Wouldn’t it be great if your track went viral? It is important to put all of the pieces in place before you decide to put your track on SoundCloud. Without doing so, you may fail to gain traction or, even worse, fail to capitalize on the traction you do receive. As an up and coming artist, you need to fight for every step up and seize every opportunity. Most of the work comes in the preparation and following through with the execution of a great plan.

Here at EDMGhostProducer, we have years of experiencing helping artists put together release plans for the most effective reach. If you are interested in talking with us about how you can take your track to the next level, get label ready or increase your exposure, send your track over to us for FREE and we will help you put a plan together.


Disclaimer: EDM Ghost Producer does not have an affiliation with any mentioned networks. Results will vary from person to person and EDM Ghost Producer cannot guarantee any results.

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