Top 5 YouTube Channels to Send Your Music To In 2016

Last year we published an article that explained the importance of social media presence in today’s age of music, and how having your track featured on an established YouTube channel is a great way to attract some attention towards your music. YouTube is a great platform to establish yourself as an artist, and having your track featured on any of these channels will surely gain you a handful of new followers and fans. Having your track featured is a great step towards getting record label attention, and, potentially, getting offered a record deal. Here are some YouTube channels that are great for up and coming artist that are looking to get their track featured: 

  1. Bass Nation: In the same family of channels that gave us Trap Nation, but Bass Nation focuses on heavier bass music. They have a network of 576k subscribers. So if bass is your forte, this is the channel for you. Check out Bass Nation’s channel here.
  2. Future City: Relative channel to TrapCity, Future City Has 160k subscribers, and continues to grow as Future House continues to gain popularity. Check out Future City’s channel
  3. Tasty: This channel has a reach of 800,000 subscribers. Is dedicated to up and coming artists and provides a variety of genres. Check out Tasty’s channel
  4. Galaxy Music: With almost half a million subscribers, all you have to do to get featured is send them your track and hope your track is selected. All genres are welcome. Check out Galaxy Music’s channel
  5. Liquicity: Emphasizes on drum & bass and dubstep. Has over 630k subscribers and accepts anyone’s demos to be featured on their channel. This channel also hosts events. Check out Liquicity’s channel

Note: has no relation to any of the channels listed.

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