How to Gain Real SoundCloud Followers Fast

How to Gain Real SoundCloud Followers 

Have you ever wondered how some artists seem to gain a following so quickly while you continue struggling to attract in a crowd? Having great music is one piece of the puzzle, but it is not the only piece. If you want to gain real SoundCloud followers you must become a master of marketing, and consider investing in your career. Major record labels and successful artists create marketing strategies for every release. Most of the time, these budgets are used to put the track on Music Blogs, SoundCloud Networks and Instagram networks with large followings targeting EDM Fans.

Become a ghost producer

All successful artists have one thing in common, they invest in their careers and put together a plan with each release. If you’re one of those artists that uploads their track on SoundCloud, posts it to Facebook, and hopes for success, you may want to consider drawing up a plan for your next release. Decide who your audience is and how you can reach them by simply asking yourself, Are you looking to boost plays for your track on SoundCloud or are you trying to bring awareness to your artist profile and get likes on Facebook?

What most up and coming artists don’t realize, is that they have access to many of the same platforms as do the major labels and DJs. The only difference, is the major players understand that the best promotion is never free and they are willing to invest in their artist to see success. The reality is, you could gain real SoundCloud followers by utilizing promotion opportunities to repost your track to fan pages with targeted reaches.

Boost Your DJ Career

At EDMGhostProducer, we are always looking for ways to help up and coming artists become successful. Whether you want your tracks reposted to over 100,000 followers on SoundCloud, a full review of your track and artist profiles published on a well-known music blog, or an appealing video of someone dancing to your track posted to over 350,000 engaged Instagram fans, we can help.

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