A Groundbreaking Airbnb Concept For Music Producers

Studiotime – A Groundbreaking Airbnb Concept For Music Producers.

Scrolling about halfway down the homepage of Studiotime.io, visitors are met with a message emblazoned across their screens – ‘launching music careers‘. The simple three-word tagline is an accurate summary of what this “Airbnb for producers” concept brings to the music industry.

The idea of Studiotime is to provide a technological solution for connecting music producers with studios. It achieves this aim by providing a marketplace for producers to rent music studios in locations scattered across the globe. New York, Berlin and Paris all feature. It works in much the same way as Airbnb does in providing a marketplace for finding accommodation for rent. The website is the brainchild of Michael Williams, a successful entrepreneur with astute awareness of how technology can help solve problems.

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A big part of the success of Studiotime is that it gives choice to emerging producers and makes getting started in this industry less daunting. It is notoriously difficult to make it in the music industry. Competition is rife and finding studios with available time is an arduous task. But with Studiotime, it is not so stressful anymore. A simple search-by-location function means producers can find available studios for rent at the click of a button instead of trawling around a city for hours on end. The search can be further refined by price and type of studio. Simplified access to making music seems to be the mantra here, and the website does a damn good job of it.

The innovative concept means that talented producers and ghost producers alike are not constrained by location. They can research cities where their particular genre of music is in demand and find suitable studios to record new material. Furthermore, there is a constant demand for established producers to be in the studio recording new material, even whilst on tour. Studiotime gives these producers the means to do that, taking the pressure off finding an appropriate place to record.

Economics also come into play here. The introduction of this website to the music industry means that new and established producers spend more time focusing on doing what actually earns money – producing music. Time is money in this game, and a producer spending hours looking for a studio at home or abroad, is a producer who is not earning. There is monetary gain for both parties because studios listed on the site inevitably see a rise in revenue due to the increased exposure.

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Networking is another pivotal benefit of the website that needs to be highlighted. Studiotime unifies artists and recording studios like nothing else. It helps producers build up a network of contacts in the music industry. And as any successful musician knows, contacts make the difference in this business.

This Airbnb for producers has revolutionized the music industry. It provides an innovative yet simple solution to making music. Aspiring musicians no longer need to be intimidated by finding a studio. Existing producers can spend more time creating, regardless of location. For this, we need to be thankful that Studiotime.io exists.

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