5 SoundCloud Networks to Send Your Demos in 2017

At EDMGhostProducer.com, we understand that a track can be as innovative and high quality as it can be, but without an audience to listen to it and share it with others its can’t reach the potential that the producer was hoping for when creating it. Marketing your music may be the most underestimated aspect of becoming a producer that many unfortunately overlook. Not only do you have to create music that people want to listen to, but you have to find the audience to listen to your music.

Last year we published an article that featured 5 Soundcloud Networks where you can submit your track for a potential repost or upload to have your music heard by a large audience of people thirsting for the newest music. As stated in our previous article, nothing will pave your way to success like the quality and originality of your work. Below is a fresh list of Soundcloud Networks that will distribute your music and help propel your music career to new heights.

*Please note that EDMGhostProducer.com does not have any affiliation with the following networks and we do not guarantee or provide access to any of these channels as they are independently owned and operated. Also note that not all of these networks offer free promotion. This article is purely information that we find relevant to producers.

5 SoundCloud Networks to Send Your Demos in 2017

  1. Trapstyle / Trapstyle Prime – These networks are catered for producers and fans who are looking for that big bass sound. Both of Trapstyles’ networks collectively reach over 125K listeners. An upload on Trapstyles’ main network garners tracks 30K plays without a problem, and their Trapstyle Prime network posts a brand new track everyday to help promote new producers. Submit your demo HERE. Submit your track for repost HERE.
  1. Parthenon – This network is for those who enjoy all walks of EDM. They repost everything from Dubstep to Tech House. If you produce quality music this network wants to repost you. With a reach of over 35K followers, this network satisfies a wide variety of EDM lovers. Submit your track for reposting HERE.
  1. Melbourne Bounce Nation – Although this network was feature previously, we had to mention it again. If you are a true lover and connoisseur of Melbourne Bounce this is the Network for you to check out to. Although it doesn’t have the largest reach on this list, it holds a legion of Melbourne Bounce purists that love hearing the next hit big track in Bounce music. Submit your track for repost HERE.
  1. Organic Network – If you are a new artist and just getting started, this network is looking for your music. Sister network to Parthenon, this network caters to new artists on the rise. With over 11K followers, if you are a new artist and are trying to get your music career off the ground this Organic Network is your answer. Submit your track for repost HERE.
  1. Riddim Network – We can’t forget those heavy bass advocates out there. With Riddim and Dubstep back on the rise and not showing signs of slowing down, Riddim Network wants to help artists reach an audience of heavy bass advocates. Riddim Network has over 32K followers who are yearning for their next sternum vibrating fix, and Riddim Network is looking for the next big artist who can provide that. Submit your demo HERE.

*Again, EDMGhostProducer.com does not have any affiliation with these networks and cannot guarantee you any results. If you chose to pay for the promotion plans, you are doing so at your risk.

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