3 Ways to Promote Your Tracks for FREE!


In the past few years Reddit has taken off and has provided artists with a great promotional tool through their various subreddits. As of 2015, Reddit had over half a billion monthly visitors, ranking it the 14th most visited website in the world, and 36th in the world.

The best way to promote your tracks on reddit is by sharing them in different subreddits, but beware you do not want to spam your music. Be part of the community, comment in different discussion threads, other reddit users will start to get to know you and will ‘upvote’ your track which is key to getting free promotion on reddit. Below is a list of the best subreddits to share your tracks with to gain plays:






Everyone uses, but does everyone actually know how to use Facebook to their advantage? Most artists simply make a fan page to share their tracks, or share it on their personal Facebook but there are many more ways you can promote your track for free on Facebook.

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Join as many groups as you can, and add the other members. When you share your tracks, you are exposing to thousands of producers who might play it at their gigs, or you might see threads of producers where everyone will help repost each other tracks. Some of the most active groups are EDM bedroom producers, and ghost producer collective to promote your tracks for  free.

If you have a small budget, as small as $5, Facebook has a great service to boost your Facebook post, or promote your track to a dedicated demographic. Facebook will help guide you, and will promote your track to many other producers.


One of the most obvious ways to promote your tracks is through Soundcloud. Soundcloud has the potential to reach millions of people around the globe, and is the most common tool used to submit tracks to labels, blogs, and managers. In December of 2014, it was calculated that Soundcloud attracts more than 175 million unique monthly listeners, with 12 hours worth of audio being uploaded every minute, and those numbers have only grown exponentially from then. Many artists can attribute their careers to Soundcloud, by being discovered on the platform. What most don’t know is there is a lot of Soundcloud networks who love to share new music, and will promote your track for free. Soundcloud networks like All Access Electronic, Dance Music Nation, and Tunetank will promote your track for free as long as they love it!

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