Top 5 Youtube Channels to Send Your Music To

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We’ve written before about the top labels that will review your demos and hopefully get you on the way to having a track signed. This is a very important step for all up and coming producers and DJs. Having a track signed to a label shows that you are able to produce up to par with the pros. If your track hits the major music outlets (Beatport, iTunes, etc.), you will have a chance to chart in which case your doors will open up immensely.


However important a release on a label is for an up and comer, free music will ultimately build your following and get you that social media presence. There are several great ways to get your free music promoted, but one of the best is landing on an established YouTube music channel. Many are stacked with a good following looking for the best in low-key music (which is where your music comes in), and can rack up thousands of plays in a matter of a few days. So without further adieu, here is our list of the top 5 YouTube channels that will actually listen to your music and promote up and comers. Keep in mind that we are leaving out channels such as Proximity or major label promoters who honestly will not even give an up and comer the time of day.

  1. NoCopyRight Sounds. These guys are great. Though they just hit 1 million subscribers, they actually listen to most of their demos and have a huge following not just on YouTube, but SoundCloud as well. Your music really has to be top quality, but if you think you have what it takes then this might be good for you.
  2. The MA Network. They have a channel for pretty much every genre and all of them are going to get your music heard.
  3. TrapCity. For those of you producing trap, these guys have a huge following and will honestly give anyone a chance as long as their music is up to standard. If you’ve got quality trap, this is where you should look.
  4. Vital Electronic. Though their following is smaller than the others, sometimes that is a good thing. The less followers, generally the less their inbox is being spammed day in and day out. This may be a good place to start and they are still close to that 60k subscriber mark.
  5. Nick Cooper. This guy has a fantastic selection of music from all types of genres. He has almost 250k subscribers, but I’ve consistently seen some very low key artists on their implying that he will check out your subscriptions.

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