Top 5 EDM Labels To Send Your Demo To In 2019

You just finished your next big hit, and you know that this is going to be the one that propels you to stardom. However, you need to find a record label that will help project your track to their vast amount of listeners, but it can become frustrating having to send endless emails to every record label in hopes of them listening to your demo. Although there can be a variety of factors that lead to lack of contact from labels such as your track not being mixed and mastered, lack in production quality, or even your branding, you shouldn’t give up in striving for your dreams. To assist search to find a record label to call your track home, here at compiled a list of the top 5 EDM record labels to send your demo to in 2019

At the end of the day, the best advice to follow is to focus on your technique and improve your production ability. It’s important to have a grasps of all areas of the music industry to be able to succeed within it, but all of that relies on the quality of work you’re able to craft and release. Having a core foundation of quality work, along with ensuring that your artist brand is something that is up to date and connects with your audience presents the best chance of setting yourself above other artists.

Record Label 1 – Basement Leak

To begin the list, Basement Leak is a record label that is owned and founded by DJ/producer Shiba San. This record label specializes in Tech House and has hosted releases from the likes of Will Clarke and, label-head, Shiba San. This is a great first choice to start building your fan base if you’re a Tech House producer.

Basement Leak
– 14.7K Soundcloud Listeners
– Tech House & House
– Label owned by Shiba San

Record Label 2 – Dirtybird

Although Dirtybird came up from humble beginnings, it is now a mega power amongst House music record labels. With Claude VonStroke at the forefront of this label and a massive following, this label is a dream come true for any artist to be able to release a track on.
– 226K Soundcloud Listeners
– Tech House, House, & Tech-Funk
– Label owned by Claude VonStroke

Record Label 3 – Insomniac Records

Owned by Insomniac Events, this record label provides great opportunities for producers to make their name on the festival circuit. Most known for their massive EDC festival, Insomniac Events will typically book artists who release tracks on their label for many of their upcoming festivals. This is a great label for any artist to have the smoothest transition between releasing tracks and getting booked to play shows.
Insomniac Records
– 27K Soundcloud Listeners
– Releases all genres of EDM
– Label owned by Insomniac Events (creators of EDC, Electric Forest)
– Great for producers who are trying to get booked to festivals.

Record Label 4 – This Ain’t Bristol

If you haven’t heard of the label This Ain’t Bristol, you are sure to hear about them in 2019. This label seeks to spread good vibes through their music releases and unique art style that accompanies every track. This label is perfect for any up-and-coming House producers.

This Ain’t Bristol
– 53.1K Soundcloud Listeners
– House
– Label tied to rising star Kyle Watson

Record Label 5 – Chill Planet

Though a lesser-known label when it comes to star power and recognizability, Chill Planet compensates for that with a massive Soundcloud presence. This label is great for melodic producers to put in the spotlight in front of listeners looking for relaxing and melancholy music.
Chill Planet
– 106K Soundcloud Listeners
– Trap, House, Melodic (Anything that is downtempo)
– Release are predominantly up-and-coming artists. No overshadowing smaller producers.

Disclaimer: EDM Ghost Producer does not have any affiliation with any of the above record labels.

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