Top 10 Most Underrated EDM Female DJs in 2020

Top 10 Most Underrated EDM Female DJs and Producers in 2020

Year after year, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), continues to attract larger numbers and wow the crowd more than ever before with new sounds, production, styles, and the sheer energy from the DJ. In a world saturated with male DJs, though it’s nothing new, female DJs are on a rapid rise. Female DJs have been around since the 1990’s, however for some reason or another, your top well known DJs have consisted of all males. 30 years later we can easily look at the bigger picture and pull out a plethora of female DJs who are dominating the scene.

In the 1990’s it was common to see male and female musical artists all over the globe. Singers and performers graced the stage of every show and platform without a bat of an eye of the need for inclusion of both male and female artists. The same didn’t go for the EDM industry. With EDM being new beyond the underground, the culture was still gaining acceptance and was not an easy feat. With the way history tells, females were still on the upward battle being respected equally in general society, let alone on stage as a DJ. 

As time progressed, so did opportunities for female DJs to express their talent and gain industry respect. With that said, this didn’t come without facing adversity. While there are many reasons they themselves have held back on putting themselves out there, they had to face the uncontrollable. Unfortunately during these times, successful women were liked less than successful men; male DJs were chosen over female Djs for shows; and senior men were more likely to mentor young men than young women. As all blockades in life, you can either let it defeat you or you can defeat it.  


Taking on these challenges are done head on and creatively. Female DJs have since been taking control of their presence in the EDM Industry by perfecting their craft and marketing themselves to no end. To take it even further, moving up takes more creativity. Just to name a few, partner up with top artists for the recognition, give the EDM world something to remember, and ghost produce tracks to soon become a chart topper. Female DJ Producer duo Nervo is a perfect example of climbing the industry creatively. “We started off as ghostwriters and used a platform to launch our own careers when the time was right for us to become artists.”

Female Producers now more than ever are becoming famously known. Famous female DJs are found making music as an EDM ghost producer, co-producing with big name artists, making remixes, writing music, and becoming the female DJ prouder that is way overdue for global respect. Across the globe, these worlds hottest female DJs are topping the charts and dominating ghost production.  


Nina Kraviz

Starting her career off as a dentist in Moscow, Nina Kravitz is a DJ Producer you can find across the globe captivating audiences with her techno vibes. Working days as a dentist and nights as a resident DJ in the late 2000’s, in 2012 she was able to debut her self titled album with label Rekids. In 2014 she started her own record label titled Trip. In recent years she has sat cozy rising in DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJs and won best Underground Female Artist in 2018. Nina Kravits has easily earned her the title of a top female DJ.

Maya Jane Coles

UK based producer Maya Jane Coles is a dual talent DJ. Using her real name as we know it, she composes and mostly produces techno. Her alias, Nocturnal Sunshine, has more darker sounds of dubstep and hip hop influence. With dozens of tracks, remixes, and music videos, it’s no wonder she’s favorited by promoters, chart topping artists, and publications. Being in the industry since 2006, she skyrocketed in the right direction, paving a great path for female DJs. Both her and her alter ego can be found performing and ghost producing our favorite tracks.        

The Black Madonna

A high school dropout, The Black Madonna started her career in the Music Industry by selling mixtapes of underground DJs at raves. A veteran to the turntables, this house and techno DJ from Kentucky is a sought after DJs. Her enthusiasm and funky vibes is what she’s known for, not to mention her avocation for women in the EDM industry and equal rights. Her most notable remixes can be found in recent years, partnering with Tiga, Celeste, and Dua Lipa. She also earned her spot as a resident DJ for the video game, Grand Theft Auto Online.   

Gina Turner

Gina Turner, a New York native turned Boston resident gained her popularity as a radio DJ, performing her own shows and as a guest female DJ. She became a staple in the Boston club scene before she moved to Los Angeles in 2006. Here she began her touring career, catching the eye of Tiesto’s label, Black Hole Recordings, which released her track “Bang It” in 2009. This birthed a new duo called Nouveau Yorican, inspired with a latin tech house vibe. This track brought her on her way to be a famous female dj.   


Anything but traditional. Cassy doesn’t like to label herself one specific genre, but you can expect to hear a cascade of elements from techno and house on the old school traditional vinyls. Starting in 1999, this Berlin DJ held residencies in clubs and bars across Europe. Earning her spot on Mixmag’s cover, she was well on her way to exude her feminie power across the globe. In 2017 she launched Kwench Records where she and fellow producers currently launch house and techno music. Rolling Stone chose her to be one of the world’s 25 most important DJs, easily making her a top female dj.


J. Phlip

A member of the Dirtybird crew, J. Phlip, from Champaign, Illinois, made her way to the top with her bouncy flavour that draws you to the dance floor. In 2005 she won a DJ competition, touring across the US, leading her to move to the birthplace of House Music, Chicago Illinois. Here she jumped head first into what she loved most, dance music. Following her passion and soaking all she can, she made her way to California, where she connected with Dirtybird. You now can see her topping charts and touring the world and one of the world’s great female DJS.

Lupe Fuentes

Columbian born former adult film actress of 4 years Lupe Fuentes began her music career in 2010. Quickly putting her former career behind her, she became the lead singer of the Pop group, Ex-Girlfriends. Through aggressive marketing and two singles later, she created a name for herself in the music industry. Playing her first solo act in Los Angeles in 2014, her DJ producing skills were gaining traction. As a great female producer and songwriter, her latin house music vibes can not only be heard on airplay and clubs, but alongside names like DMC from Run DMC.  



Australian twins Miriam and Olivia took their then modeling and singing career to the turntables to become the widely known duo, Nervo. With their electro house and progressive house sounds, they can be found touring the globe and creating/partnering with top tracks associated with artists such as Afrojack, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, and Kylie Minogue. Their first major liver performance was in 2010 on the Ultra Main Stage during the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Consistently climbing DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs list, they are inarguably one the world’s current top female djs.   

Amelie Lens

At age 16 this Belgian teenager began her love for music after attending a music festival in 2006. This life changing moment guided her to learn and study all she can about electronic music. After compiling her favorite EDM tracks for podcasts and continuing her love for the music industry, Amelie Lens left her career in the fashion industry and began DJing in Belgium clubs playing techno. She built a reputation and began touring across Europe. Several tracks later, she now is known for her mixture of classic acid and tribal house with a euro tech influence. 

B. Traits

Canadian record producer and remixer, B. Traits began at age 18 performing in clubs in Canada and just two years later in 2006, she was picking up regular booking in the US and Europe. After gaining popularity in the last 6 years, in 2012 her career began to really take off. Since 2012, she debuted her first single, hosted her own monthly radio shows, guest starred on other radio shows, was a presenter of a PSA in the UK on drug culture, and launched her own label titled In-Toto. B. Traits is a whirlwind of talent with an impressive resume as a famous female DJ

Bonus Charlotte De Witte

Charlotte De Witte, EDM Producer, has been previously accused of using Ghost Producers. While that is not public knowledge, we do know one thing. Her Dark Techno track releases are some of the best Techno tracks produced by Charlotte De Witte or her Ghost Producer. The Belgian EDM Producer rose to fame with releases under Raving George, a name she used to avoid the stigma of Female EDM Producers. Charlotte De Witte posted on Twitter a a response on the accusation of hiring Ghost Producers.

The hope for the future of female DJs is that there is no need for the word “female” to be placed in front. The point to where a DJ is known for music rather than their gender. The movement for women seems to be a never ending battle for equality; civically, professionally and respectfully. The main things that we can all do look forward to and see female DJs and female producers for their craft and ability to rise just as men. Female EDM artists have been around since the 1990’s and it took 30 years to get a respectable number of females on the top DJs list; it’s just the beginning. Society today has such a strong passion and drive for gender equality, there is nothing but continued greatness to come for all artists who have the passion, drive, and skill. 

In reality, being an EDM ghost producer, female DJ, or female producer in the EDM Industry takes the same amount of talent regardless of gender. Women are just as capable as men to learn and use EDM software/hardware to create music. The oppression on female DJs is more about the idea of a DJ being female rather than her capabilities.

The more over-saturation we have of women in the EDM Industry becoming female DJs and EDM Ghost Producers the more we can see the talent of these women and thus leading to a wider acceptance. The more women DJs out there, the more awards they can be recognized with and reach a wider audience. And the more recognition they get, the better the chance of being sought after by promoters.    

From 2014 to 2016 when looking at a broad view of female DJs doing live performances at major festivals, there was about a 20% increase. This is a great sign that female DJS are becoming more widely welcomed. Though there may only be a small handful of top female DJs, they definitely are well on their way. Though statistics are not out yet for the last 2 years, it’s safe to say the number of women DJs performing at live events is increasing. 

Currently in 2020, we are experiencing a global pandemic causing all events to cease.

This may seem like a detriment to the EDM Industry but quite the contrary. Everyone is staying home and indoors, allowing more “forced” time for musical creativity. Now is the time for women to take advantage of the lack of stage presence and fine tune or learn new skills and focus on getting creative with marketing; such as taking advantage of ghost production or virtual events.


With the ever growing list of female DJs and female producers, we are in the right direction for gender equality. People won’t be afraid of successful women but embrace them. Female DJs will be scheduled to play just as often as men. And most importantly, there are enough female DJs out there to mentor up and coming young female djs and female producers.     

The few female DJs listed above represent a small percentage of the female empowerment in the EDM Industry. They represent a variety of genres. They represent a variety of skills. And lastly, they represent women as top female djs and female producers.

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