The Team Mentality in Music

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”Michael Jordan. The six time NBA champion said it best that it really does take great teamwork to win championships. Though this was obviously directed towards sports teams, the context is less important and this mentality is surely present in the music environment. Since the early days of the music industry, teamwork has been glorified and absolutely essential when it comes to the rise of artists. Have you ever read the entire credits for an album by any pop or rock artist? Of course not, its like a novel! From manager to booking agent, social media manager to publicist, graphic designer to tour manager, the list of jobs associated with bringing an artist from the bottom up is immense. It comes as no surprise that you see so many artists using terms like “We” and “Us” when describing day to day activities even when the artist is a “solo” artist. It simply isn’t practical to do it alone in this industry.


Why would you be against teams as an artist? Keeping the creative control over your musical direction is the reason I hear many artists try to do everything themselves when in reality overwhelming yourself with a million jobs takes away from the music. Let’s be honest, some people are business gurus, some are masters of creativity in marketing, and some have the musical talent you need to be successful, but not many can claim with confidence to have it all, so why not build a team around the music?


The building of a solid team always starts at the core. The team needs a solid foundation to build around, and that always starts with the music. Without great music, there isn’t much the team can do. There are many artists who have teams specifically dedicated to creating content. Tiesto himself tweeted “We” are in the studio implying he always has a little help. When confronted with his use of pronouns, he responded that he does have help in the studio because his “music would not be as good as it could be [without them].” Whether that be someone specifically on the team to create custom mashups for live performance, members of the team there for actual music production for originals, or those who just have an eye for new music and are there to keep the sets fresh with the latest and greatest.


One of the first steps towards building a team is finding a social media manager to take care of building your brand while you focus on the music. Without a doubt, a strong social media presence is absolutely essential in the building of an artist.

If you are an independent artist, consider filling your team. The investment in a team can be the key difference between success and failure. Keep us in mind when looking for your team!

Check out Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast 398:

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