Some Clarity on Clarity

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You may remember the classic tune “Clarity” by Zedd which absolutely took off as a chart topping, radio sensation. You can’t deny it was a great track that did wonders for its creator, Zedd, who already had major success, however was taken to another level post-Clarity. To the mainstream audience of radio listeners, Clarity is the track that likely defines Zedd. I wouldn’t doubt that it is still being played on several radio stations being Shazamed by a plethora of teenage girls with posters of One Direction on their walls. Back to the point, the track we have all come to love has a bit of a shaky story as told by a bunch of internet rumors.


By now, we’ve all seen Porter’s comment he made during an interview on BBC Radio 1:

It was a collaboration with a friend and then I took my name off it before it came out because it didn’t feel right for me. The end product wasn’t something I was happy with.”

The internet took off with this and demanded to know which track Porter was partially responsible for producing. It started with Apollo, as it has a similar resemblance to Porter’s style and there are plenty of statements about Hardwell and the use of ghost producers. We are not the first ones to say that the mystery Porter collab is Zedd’s “Clarity,” but as a ghost producing site, we feel we should share with you the evidence that points towards this conclusion.


If you think back, you may remember the Zedd and Porter Robinson “Poseidon Tour” which included 15 shows from Vancouver to San Diego. The two of them were on tour a bit before “Clarity,” came out. Second, along with the tour, the two were rumored to have a collab in the works. Porter confirmed that the collab would be between the two and would feature “Crowd-sung-vocals.” In case you haven’t noticed, “Clarity,” definitely has that vocal element referred to by Porter. Lastly and arguably most importantly, Porter Robinson is credited as a writer of the track.


We are not saying Zedd uses ghost producers for all of his tracks, but for this one, it appears he had a bit of help.

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