Nicky Romero on Ghost Production

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Satisfied with the results from the DJ Mag top 100? It goes without saying that some of the new entrants this year didn’t do it all on their own. The reality is that many of these artists have entire teams centered around creating new content. Using ghost producers is an incredibly common practice not only in Pop and Rap, but EDM as well. The concept of ghost production is widely understood, but very few have access to entering either end of the ghost production process.


“Hey I wanna have a record and I want it to sound like this.” Earlier this year, Nicky Romero chimed in on the ghost production phenomenon and expressed how he felt in regards to DJs recruiting producers to create their tracks. He mentioned his ghost productions that he is currently involved with. He has two tracks he is making for Brittany Spears, two for Rihanna, as well as four tracks for David Guetta‘s new album. Nicky Romero says he is fine with ghost production and he is often a ghost producer for others, but says there are a lot of guys in the DJ Mag who don’t even know how to start the software to make music and have nothing to do with the creation of their tracks. “There are rich Dad’s in this world who pay producers tons of money to make their sons big artists.” The reality is that the DJ super-star lifestyle can be bought and it is happening all over the world.


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