KSHMR Lends a Hand to Dillon Francis

We previously published an article about the infamous, yet mysterious producer that has taken the EDM scene by storm, KSHMR. Through a significant amount of research and the connecting of a few dots, we were able to tell you with certainty that the producer KSHMR is actually the single member of the group “The Cataracs,” Niles Hollowell-Dhar. Niles has been prominent in producing pop music for quite a while getting one of his biggest hits with G6 by Far East Movement. He has also been involved with the production of an album for Enrique Iglesias as well as tracks for Selena Gomez, DVBBS and Borgeous (Tsunami, Invincible & Stampede) and now as it appears, Dillon Francis.

Yes, the two have a new track called “Clouds,” but a little production help from KSHMR seems to have happened a bit before this track was released on Dillon Francis’s album “Money Sucks Friends Rule”. On the first track of the album “All That” feat. Rejectz and Twista, there are a number of people credited as composers of the track including Niles Hollowell-Dhar, KSHMR.


When you take a look at the number of composers credited on Dillon Francis’s album, it begins to look more like a pop album with multiple writers who are not the “performer” on a number of tracks. We are not saying Dillon Francis is incapable of producing his own material, but he certainly is not afraid to reach out for help. After all, how do Djs have time to produce an album while constantly on tour as well as trying to meet fans, participate in interviews and the number of other things required from these artists.

Let us know what you think about KSHMR and his participation in Dillon Francis’s album “Money Sucks Friends Rule”


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