Joachim Garraud: The Ghost Producer Behind David Guetta

Joachim Garraud: The Ghost Producer Behind David Guetta

Joachim Garraud is well-known as a DJ, remixer, and producer who has worked with some famous names in the music industry including Deep Dish, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Cassius, Cerrone, Moby, and Robbie Rivera. That list of names is enough to make any producer with aspirations of working with the big stars just a bit jealous.

What is less well-known about Joachim Garraud is that he is the GhostProducer behind David Guetta, a fellow Frenchman whose own fame has reduced truly cosmic levels of stardom. Some of David Guetta’s statistics are ridiculous—he has sold over nine million albums and 30 million singles as a DJ, and won a multitude of rewards that put most DJs in the shade. 


The truly remarkable thing about David Guetta’s rise to prominence is that he only became known internationally during the 2000s, despite working as a DJ since 1984. It was David Guetta’s album Just A Little More Love that catapulted him onto the global EDM scene, and Joachim Garraud produced the entire thing. The track When Love Takes Over signified his breakthrough from EDM to mainstream music charts and global recognition, which is something that alludes many DJs.

David Guetta is notable also for winning two Grammy Awards, and it can be said that without Joachim Garraud’s influence on David Guetta’s first album as a co-producer, David Guetta would never have achieved the success that he did

Now, Joachim Garraud has parted ways with David Guetta and gone on to produce albums of his own, released under his own name. His latest release is 96/24, which is a 16-track electronic mish-mash of Garraud’s own unique production skills. His work with fellow Frenchman David Guetta again teaches us how useful ghost production can be in eventually becoming a household name

Joachim Garraud has built up a wonderful contact list through all the DJs and artists he has worked with over the years, and in the case with Guetta, he mostly worked uncredited without the recognition that other DJs might expect. Garraud’s persistence and dedication were rewarded with a music career of his own in EDM. 

Like Martin Garrix after him and Maarten Vorwerk, Joachim Garraud understood the truth of the matter; that ghost production provides a useful platform to aid aspiring DJs in becoming successful on their own if that’s what they desire. That getting paid trumps getting recognition sometimes, and if fame is what a DJ desires, it is obtainable through consistently honing their talents.  

Garraud has carved out a name for himself thanks to his remixes. But being known for remixes of pop music can only take a DJ so far. Producing original material that sells well is the best way to penetrate the international world of EDM. 


Garraud never regarded his lack of international recognition as a negative, though. He just kept plugging away, and eventually, through ghost producing and building up a broad network of contacts in the music industry, he became well-known himself and now has a stellar career of his own as a producer and as a DJ. 

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