EDM Artists Ghost Produce The Biggest Pop Songs

EDM Artists Ghost Produce The Biggest Pop Songs

The general characteristic of a Ghost Producer remaining behind the scenes and uncredited though may seem implausible still holds true for mainstream EDM artists. Mainstream EDM artists still enjoy the art of producing music. Sure, their studio time is now cut short but that just means studio time is more valuable than ever. Sometimes, this valuable studio time is spent quietly and credited by big Pop artists. A Pop artist has many talents but usually we see them choose a main focus other than their vocals. Some spend their time perfecting their choreography and live performances while others spend time with their branding and media presence. We easily can say that they do all of these, but think about what comes to mind when you hear an artist’s name. Brittany Spears, we think of her choreography. Kanye West, we think of his clothing line and media attention. Justin Bieber, we think of his vocals. 

Why are DJs being scapegoated for using ghost producers whereas Pop Artists are being praised?

With Pop artists being a multifaceted source of talent, there are many other individuals who help them along their road to stardom; minor credited EDM artists being one of them. Let’s look at some popular tracks from our favorite artists. 


Toxic by Brittany Spears, a dance-pop and techno-pop Grammy winning track from 2003. A minor credit goes to the production duo, Bloodshy & Advant. Besides being a very talented duo, one member, Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson, is famously known for his Swedish Billboard chart topping duo, Galantis.      

Black Skinhead by Kanye West, a socially triggered track named third best song of 2013 by Rolling Stone magazine. Although major credit was given, you don’t hear much promotion that this track was produced by multi award winning French electronic music duo Daft Punk. Minor credit was also given for co-production on this track by French DJ Gesaffelstein.

Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj, fun electro-pop chart topping hit in 2012. You may notice some familiar EDM style and sounds behind the lyrics. This Grammy winning, Billboard Hot 100, and multi award nominated and winning EDM production comes from none other than, German EDM Artist, Zedd

It’s very clear that the stigma of ghost production is targeted at DJs. Whilst there is a very slow-coming acceptance of ghost production as awareness is rising, we still see DJs being scapegoated for using ghost producers whereas Pop Artists are being praised. As such all actions based on the lack of education, the more awareness out there on the usage of ghost production, the more acceptance there will be. Nevertheless, music production is an art and requires dedication, skill, and passion. You may or may not see credit or music video cameos by these EDM Artists, but as a dedicated producer, similar to Ghost Producers, the art of production alone is enough to fuel their passion. 

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