Does Techno Female Artist Charlotte De Witte Use Ghost Producers?

Does Techno Female Artist Charlotte De Witte Use Ghost Producers?

Famed Techno DJ and Producer Charlotte De Witte has clearly made her mark in the EDM Industry as not only one of the top Techno DJs, but one of the top Female DJs. The young Techno Producer from Belgium began her career in 2010 and just recently in the last few years has been blowing up on social media and wowing the crowds live on stage. Charlotte De Witte’s tracks are undoubtedly well made and produced with a high level of expertise. One would ask however, how does a DJ gain such popularity so fast and maintain quality studio time? With the high demands of a popular DJ, you know; touring, marketing, producing, etc, it is necessary to utilize a team to make it all happen. Depending on what the career choice or title a person goes by, DJ, DJ Producer, or Producer, will tell you right away if they value more the performance, the song production, or both. DJ normally tells you that the person on stage is playing someone else’s tracks maybe with their own minor twist to the song. A Producer is writing their own tracks and performing them. And lastly, a DJ Producer is the mix of both sides, playing tracks they have produced as well as other people’s. Whilst this may be arguable since many people either don’t know how to define the difference or have their own interpretation; the big question here is, what does Charlotte de Witte define herself as and does the high production value of her tracks tell us she uses Ghost Producers to make her music?


Charlotte De Witte has always faced adversity being a female techno producer. Rather than let it defeat her, she went an ulterior route which some may see as unorthodox, but hey it’s worked. From 2010 to 2015, the Techno Producer felt it necessary that in order to be taken seriously, she had to go by a male alias. She then was known as Raving George. She produced three EPs as Raving George before she dropped her alias and started using her real name. From that point on, she started churning out track after track at which time her popularity grew and she began climbing to the top. 

This led to speculation on wondering if her amazing, clean, and high production valued tracks were the works of not only a ghost producer, but by a man. In 2018, she posted on her twitter in response to the topic;  “Another asshole of my Facebook Page. Yes, i’m a woman so i can not possibly make my own tracks. I must be working with a ghostproducer. Are we seriously not getting sick of this yet? ”  @CharlottedWitte. Is this a tell that she may be using ghost producers or is it that she is just simply that good?

Regardless, Charlotte de Witte is part of an elite group of Female DJs and Female Producers and her skills are being recognized worldwide. Click HERE to see a list of EDM’s most underrated female DJ Producers.

Among the list of top Techno Producers are techno giants Adam Byer and two great female DJ Producers, Amelie Lens and Nina Kraviz. Along with Charlotte de Witte being on this list, these Techno Producers are widely successful and paving the way for the techno scene. A quick reminder of their accolades… 

Swedish Techno DJ Adam Beyer has produced dozens of top tracks and consistently ranked on DJ Mag Top 100 Djs. Adam Beyer travels the globe energizing clubs and festivals with his Techno and Tech House sounds. There has been rumors about Adam Beyer using a Ghost Producers

Amelie Lens a Belgian artist starting her career by compiling her favorite EDM tracks for podcasts. She left her career in the fashion industry and began DJing in Belgium clubs playing techno. She is known for her mixture of classic acid and tribal house with a euro tech influence.

Nina Kraviz, a DJ Producer, started her own record label in 2014 titled Trip. In recent years she has sat cozy rising in DJ Mag top 100 DJs and won best Underground Female Artist in 2018. Nina Kraviz has easily earned her the title of a top female DJ.

Collectively, this techno dream team has over the last few years performed at major festivals like the Awakenings Festival in the Netherlands, Nosleep Festival in Serbia, and Tomorrowland in Belgium. 


The quick popularity of any DJ Producer not only comes with the fame and fortune, it also comes with critics. Sometimes they hit a nerve and sometimes they give motivation, either way, it’s expected to have critics. In the EDM Industry, the use of Ghost Production is widely criticized. Some think the practice all together taboo and some are okay with is as long as the DJs are transparent about it. Users on Reddit are all over the place when it comes to ghost production accusations and female DJ Producers, especially Charlotte de Witte. It is argued that Charlotte de Witte has only raised to fame because she has great marketing and uses ghost producers to write tracks. On the other hand it’s argued that she produced her own music but is getting scrutinized because she’s a woman. Some are focusing on the title of DJ and Producer. Some are even saying there’s nothing wrong with just being visually appealing and putting on a good show. Regardless, credit should be given where credit is due. 

Charlotte de Witte is very vocal and public about her stance as being a female EDM Producer and its difficulty as well as showing off her extraordinary skills as an EDM producer. Not in a form of a rebuttal to the critics, but purely because she was asked to do so by Beatport, Charlotte de Witte posts public production sessions via YouTube. She teaches and shows how she produces music in her studio, giving us an inside to her talent and expertise.

Given all this information of her passion for the EDM Industry, obvious skill to produce music, rising public image, unique sounds, and comfort around production software, I think we can confidently say, Charlotte de Witte does not use the help of ghost producers and is a solo act to all her music.

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