Does Techno DJ Adam Beyer Hire Ghost Producers For His Record Releases?

Does Techno DJ Adam Beyer Hire Ghost Producers For His Record Releases?

EDM Ghost Producers, a misunderstood term and widely used practice from new and top DJs across the globe. More than we realize, ghost production is a very common and integral part of the EDM Industry. EDM Producers look to Ghost Producers to help polish tracks and get that second critical eye on the project to find any holes overlooked by the artist. Also, in many cases, artists are so busy on the road and focusing on their career that they may need supplemental sounds for their tracks or live performances. It’s part of the very large circle that makes the EDM Industry go ‘round. Artists and labels are constantly under fire utilizing Ghost Production, mainly because fans don’t know or don’t want to know the ins and outs of what it takes to be a DJ in the Industry. 

Swedish Techno DJ Adam Beyer, a family man whose talents go beyond the studio has been producing music since 1993. Within the decades he has been in the EDM Industry, (minus his 7 year hiatus), Adam Beyer has produced dozens of top tracks and consistently ranked on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 Djs currently sitting at number 48, up 31 from the year prior. Adam Beyer travels the globe energizing clubs and festivals with his Techno and Tech House sounds, always giving fans the experience they expect. In addition to him and his wife, fellow Swedish DJ Ida Engerg creating three beautiful daughters, the Technno DJ got busy creating his own label, Drumcode Records


Drumcode Records was founded in 1996, by Adam Byer with the idea of expanding his empire to share his passion for Techno globally with a multitude of talent. Drumcode produced some of Technos hottest DJ Producers. Amelie Lens, former fashion industry worker turned DJ Producer playing bass heavy techno. Jay Lumen, hungarian Techno DJ Producer polling large on the charts and winning Underground DJ of the Year Award 3 years in a row. Maceo Plex, one of the EDM Industry top veteran House and Techno DJs from Miami with a massic discography list of our favourite tracks. Nicole Moudaber, a Nigerian Techno top female DJ Producer who since 2008 has been touring the world playing clubs and festivals and advocating for helping disadvantaged women in the music industry. Pan-Pot, a German duo with a running list of albums and EPs performing clubs and festivals as Techno DJs since 2004. The roster for Drumcode Records continues, but we can easily see the label has been busy recruiting and building Techno’s top EDM DJ Producers. Drumcode Records in 2018 listed as Beatprot’s highest selling Techno record label and continues to remain in the top three to this day.

The success of a label and its artists rely on a multitude of factors to help boost them to the top. Let’s take a look at Digital Marketing for example. You design a campaign that includes; the type of content you want to post, designing said content with relevant colors and imagery, outlets you plan to release on, calendars scheduling when to make posts, captions with the right buzzwords and length, hashtags to reach target followers, and finally interacting with the fans responding. Lets face it, to do it right marketing takes a lot of knowledge and work. Taking all of these tasks to effectively market, you must seek help. We go to a graphic designer to make or polish our content. We go to software to manage the calendar. We go to trend forecasters to find the right buzzwords and captions. We go to public relation professionals to interact with the public. Sure, all of this can be done ourselves, but we have to look at what cost. Our marketing wont be as effective or as clean if we did not seek help. And seeking help doesn’t mean it’s lazy or cowardly, simply put, a second set of hand and eyes on things is not only necessary, it’s the whole reason why these services are created in the first place. Why have an individual build an empire when you can have a team. 


Adam Beyer and Drumcode Records was a victim of Ghost Producer shaming.  Sam Barker, German based DJ who goes by the stage name Barker, recently took to Twitter regarding EDM Ghost Producers and Drumcode Records. “A friend who ghost produces told me he does stuff for Drumcode. Which artists, I asked. Oh, all of em.. they take tracks and assign them to someone…” @samvoltek. Barker, being a big name Techno DJ and owner of Germany’s party service called Leisure System though may be a credible source, the context as to which he displays is obviously against the practice. The naysayers of Ghost Production mainly like to focus on two things; EDM DJs don’t have enough skills to produce their own music and those who ghost produce aren’t getting the credit they deserve. Which both of those are far from what ghost production is and how Adam Beyer came to defend his label Drumcode Records. “What has that got to do with ghost production? Barts name is all over that record. I have a bunch of stems in that track coming from me, so yeah it was done together and wouldn’t have been the same. I’ve done over 100 solo records, you doubt my production skills? keep to subject.” @realAdamBeyer. Adam Beyer is referencing the use of ghost production with a track in question stating credit was given and it was a collaboration. Also that his own credibility should not be in question either, based on his amazing track record. Many artists came to his defense backing up his credibility and use of EDM Ghost Production. Famed EDM DJ Producer Darude put it best in his tweeted response in defense for Adam Beyer. “…I choose to write & produce with people who I know are better than I am on some of the stuff I lack, but I’d be dumb if I didn’t, because the final product is better 2/x” @Darudevil. To sum it up, those who understand and utilize EDM Ghost Production understand the value and need of the practice and give EDM fans what they are looking for.


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