Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on Ghost Production

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on Ghost Production

The Belgian-Greek duo, who topped DJ Mag’s 2015 list of the world’s best Djs, recently conducted a frank, to-the-point interview with Matthew Meadow of youredm.com. Among the range of topics discussed was ghost production, and it was intriguing to hear what both men had to say on the subject.


The duo have been ‘accused’ of ghost production on a pretty regular basis since they began to garner a following in electronica. It’s quite bizarre that utilizing the wide pool of hungry talent that exists on the EDM scene is looked upon as an accusation that needs to be leveled at people. But hey, that’s the world we live in now.


Maarten Vorwerk.

Vegas & Mike have endured these accusations for a long time, but they’ve rarely opened up and really elaborated on the topic. Until now, that is. When asked about the accusations of ghost production, both men inevitably started chatting about Maarten Vorwerk. The Dutchman is perhaps the most well-known ghost producer on the scene right now, having shot to fame when it emerged that he actually produced the 2011 hit ‘Epic’.


The first point of interest about this portion of the interview was that it was the two DJs who first mentioned Vorwerk – not the interviewer. Judging from their answers, it seems they were on a mission to set the record straight. Dimitri Vegas came straight out and said, “We worked together with Maarten Vorwerk, we were in contact with him…but the thing is, Maarten is credited on every track we worked on together, it’s just Maarten is not an “artist.” He’s not a performing artist. He’s credited in the label copy.


The above statement clearly shows the two men trying to address a what they perceive as a misconception about what is referred to as ‘ghost production’. There is still a stigma associated with the practice of receiving assistance from other producers to help make a track sound better. That stigma arises from the fact that some people ignorantly assume artists who get help with their music a) never compensate these producers and b) never credit them. But as the pair discussed above, every track Maarten Vorwerk worked on for them, he received credit for.



There is no doubt that certain producers make tracks for well-known DJs and never receive any credit for these tracks. But that is strictly between the DJ and the ghost producer. When most people get enraged by ghost production, they’re really getting angry over co-producing. Furthermore, 67% of DJ Mag Winners Support the use of Ghost Producers. The problem with ghost production seems to stem from people looking for an excuse to get angry. It would help if these people made an attempt to understand what they’re even angry about.

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