Dennis Waakop – The Man Behind the Brand “Tiesto”

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I should start this article by saying; Tiesto super fans, please avert your eyes. This might be tough to swallow.

The grammy winning artist Tijs Michiel Verwest better known as Tiesto, is a superstar DJ who has without a doubt changed the way Electronic Dance Music has been perceived in the mainstream. Tiesto has always been somewhat open about being a brand and gives credit to his team where it is certainly due. All big artists have people working behind the scenes in marketing, management and public relations. These are things the artist should not have to worry about. The artist should be focused on creating the content while the management team builds the brand and keeps it running efficiently.


Dennis Waakop is a name you probably have never heard, but if you listen to Tiesto’s music, then you have heard his productions. Dennis is referred to by Tiesto as “the band,” which is a nice way of stating he is the guy in the studio creating his music for him. Dennis Waakop has written several of Tiesto’s biggest tracks like “Feel it In My Bones,” “Escape Me,” and “I Will be Here,” among many others that will be listed below.


In an interview with BeatPort, Dennis says Tiesto has “great ideas for tracks,” however, the production work is his responsibility. The interview then shifted focus on Dennis’s production and the gear he prefers while our focus at edmghostproducer is still on the fact that Tiesto’s brand is built on the musical works of someone behind the scenes. This is not unfamiliar at all, in fact, there are many artists out there, who have no clue how to actually put a track together, that travel the world claiming massive chart topping tunes. We just hate to see someone as adored as Tiesto turn out to not be what everyone thought.

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Here are just a few of the tracks actually produced by Dennis Waakop…. oh and Tiesto gave some input:

“Bend it Like You Don’t Care”

“Always Near”

“Beautiful World”

“Beyond the Stars”

“Bomb Age”

“I Will Be Here”

“Dance For Life”

“Escape Me”

“Feel it in my Bones”

“Who Wants to Be Alone”

and many more…

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