How to Become or Hire a Ghost Producer

How to Become a Ghost Producer in Today’s Music Industry?


How do I become a Ghost Producer?

Being a ghost producer is a dream job for many up and coming artists as they can make a living doing what they would be doing anyway. Sounds great, but for a long time, ghost producing was a difficult career to get into mostly because of the taboo nature of ghost production. Artists do not want their fan bases to know that they have some help coming from the studio engineers, therefore do not openly post ghost producing gigs, nor do they accept applications from the general public, regardless of how talented the producer may be.

If producers do not have a platform to sell their tracks, the reverse is also true. Where do DJs go to buy EDM ghost produced tracks? The answer for a long time was just by pure luck or having access to large amounts of capital and support from major record labels with producers on staff. Now, most DJs do not fall into category number two and therefore have difficult times sourcing new music.

This is where EDMGhostProducer comes in. We have built a platform in which bedroom producers can link with bedroom DJs and bridge this gap all while remaining completely anonymous. As a producer, you simply submit your track and upon quality approval, we will upload it to our music store to be purchased by an anonymous DJ.


Why Would I Become a Ghost Producer?

There are many reasons why one may choose to become a ghost producer in the electronic dance music industry. Many big-name producers got their start through ghost producing such as Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Porter Robinson, Hardwell and many many others. The artists were able to produce hits for others and got some serious behind the scenes recognition.

Become a Ghost Producer for the Following Reasons:

-Make money doing what you love

-Ability to work with high profile clients

-Open opportunities within the music industry

-Foot in the door as a producer

-Expand your production knowledge

When selling an EDM track with EDMGhostProducer, you get 70% of the total sale of the track. We also bring in top level producers to work with our high-end clients who are able to capitalize on high-profile connections and increase their cash flows from producing.


Why Would I Buy EDM Tracks?

As many DJs already know, obtaining bookings and a following has become increasingly difficult. Without your own original tracks, branding is nearly impossible. Very few DJs have made it without their own tracks, however, there are plenty of producers with great tracks who can’t DJ. The reality is, the day of relying on great DJ skills is largely over and the day where people demand DJs release their own tracks is where we are. This puts extra pressure on DJs as many are experts of their craft, but don’t have the time to learn the tedious rules of music production. On top of that, DJs are constantly touring, interviewing, engaging with fans and playing shows. The lack of time in the DJ life is a primary reason many turn to hiring quality producers so they can consistently release new tracks.

Through EDMGhostProducer, Djs can browse the music store finding tracks available or request a quote for a custom order here. No accounts, no sign ups, no way for anyone to find your identity.

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