Afrojack Ghost Produced A Major Track For David Guetta

Afrojack Ghost Produced A Major Track For David Guetta

The world of electronic music has become a battle ground of people fighting for attention by having Twitter beef and performing publicity stunts, as well as many artists being concerned more about their overall image in the eyes of their followers and fan base, instead of being concerned with releasing the best possible music they can to inspire the masses. Afrojack a top EDM artist that has been around releasing music for almost a decade. What most do now know is that he admitted on Twitter to @TheFPIA ( Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) that he had helped ghost produce David Guetta’s chart topping “Titanium”, but didn’t want to attach his name to it due to feeling as if his image would be damaged by his name being attached to the track.

Afrojack was faced with a fear that his fan base would reject his involvement on Guetta’s track. This stems from audience’s belief that the music industry, especially electronic dance music, is pure to its core. That all artists involved in the industry, on raw talent and an unbelievable work ethic alone, are able to reach the height of their careers, and be able to constantly produce anthem after anthem on their own merit. Despite having to play late night, that turn into early morning shows on a daily basis and having to consistently travel to be on opposite ends of the country to satisfy tour schedules.


Unfortunately, the music industry isn’t as pure as we would all like it to be, its full of stress, anxiety, and an unbelievably high level of uncertainty when it comes to an artist having his art be criticized by critics and fans alike. The same art that they’ve worked long and hard on, the art that reflects who they are or how they felt at a particular moment, and the art that will ultimately provide for that artist and his family.

When Afrojack helped make “Titanium” he, undoubtedly, put his heart and soul into that track, like most artists put into all of their work, but the fear of being seen as a sellout by deviating from the style of music that helped his career take off was not worth the potential damage that he could’ve done to the longevity of his career. Many times an artist breaks out by creating music under a specific genre, but as they grow as an artist their artistic tastes change and many times they want to branch out and try to experience a change of scenery that isn’t always received too well.

Creativity is something that has to come to an artist organically, this is when the artist is able to produce their best work. These high stress scenarios are the reasons that many producers decide to remain ghosts and choose to remain unnamed. They want to create music without needing to “stay true to any brand”, instead, they write music to stay true to themselves. However, touring artists can also share in these benefits, they can contract ghost producers to help them create music that captures the expectations and awe of their audiences without compromising the feeling of still enjoying the production process.

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This way music continues to feel organic because it truly is. The ghost implements ideas and creative styles from the artist so then they can mutually create a song that fits that artist’s image. Artists are people, and people change. There is nothing wrong with people changing tastes, but when one’s image is attached to a certain style, eventually, everyone needs help to reignite the fire that burned within them for that specific genre.

Ghost producers can help make sure that fire stays lit so an artist can continue pursuing their dream. Showtek and Afrojack were asked by, as a part of their Top 100 DJ list, “What do you think of DJs that use Ghost Producers?” Showtek stated, “Some singers use help from songwriters, some DJs use help from producers. Music is more than just a song, and it’s the bigger picture that matters.” This statement represents how all artists eventually need assistance, and that in the end that the use of a ghost producer doesn’t matter, it’s the music that matters in the end. 

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