5 SoundCloud Networks to Send Your Demos

5 SoundCloud Networks to Send Your Demos

As an up and coming DJ / producer, chances are you spend just as much time promoting your music as you do with the actual production. You are not alone in this endless search for distribution, labels, feedback. In fact, most artists are constantly looking for new ways to get their music heard. The key is to build relationships with those who have distribution and can put your music in front of the people who are looking for it.

At EDM Ghost Producer, we are constantly searching for ways we can help producers not only earn supplemental income for their work, but to advance their own careers as well. SoundCloud networks are a key element to promoting your music. A repost from a popular network will rack up your play count and could earn you quite a few followers.

As always, the quality and originality of your work will ultimately be the key to your success, but below is a list of 5 SoundCloud networks whom feature new music and have a following of passionate music fans. Some of these you may have heard, but there are most likely a few new names for you to check out!

*Please note that EDMGhostProducer.com does not have any affiliation with the following networks and we do not guarantee or provide access to any of these channels as they are independently owned and operated. Also note that not all of these networks offer free promotion. This article is purely information that we find relevant to producers.

5 SoundCloud Networks to Send Your Demos


  • House.net  [FREE] – The top of our list is one that you’ve probably heard of, but we had to list it at the top. Although a repost from your SoundCloud to theirs is few and far between (insiders only type of deal), the exposure is fantastic. If you manage to get your track uploaded, you can expect 30,000 plays quite easily.


  • Melbourne Bounce Nation [FREE] – Though relatively new, the audience is highly focused around Melbourne Bounce. Ultimately, you want to get your productions in front of a targeted audience looking for your sound. Melbourne Bounce lovers and producers should check out Melbourne Bounce Nation as a source to promote their tracks to fellow Bouncers.


  • Melodic Sounds [PAID] – Another big one on our list, Melodic Sounds provides a huge targeted following for Tropical, Chill, and Deep House. Though a repost is not always free, the producer gets to host the track on their SoundCloud, so they earn the play count. For those with tracks fitting those genres, this is a definitely a place to look.


  • Sick Bedroom Records [PAID] – Most of you reading are probably bedroom producers and some of you may be in the 20,000 person bedroom producers Facebook Group designed to talk music. What you may not know, is that they offer a promotion service to put your music in front of others in the group. Their price is reasonable and the exposure is genuine and usually pretty rewarding.


  • EDM Lead [Paid] – Probably the most effective, yet pricy on our list, EDM Lead. They offer exposure of up to 1 million music enthusiasts, however, this level of exposure comes at a price. They are also a bit selective on what tracks they allow, so the quality is a top priority. If you think you have what it takes and you have a budget to work with, this is one we would recommend.

A lot of DJs and producers spend quite a bit of time trying to get everything for free, whether that is torrenting their software or searching for free promotion. We highly recommend producers investing in their careers. Buy your plug-ins and samples and don’t be afraid to spend a bit on promoting your tracks. Refusing to do so only puts you behind.

Become a ghost producer

Again, EDMGhostProducer.com does not have any affiliation with these networks and cannot guarantee you any results. If you chose to pay for the promotion plans, you are doing so at your risk, but you better believe the big players in the industry set aside large marketing budgets.

We wish you luck and hope to continue to provide you with opportunities to excel in your careers!

If you are a producer and could use some side income, consider becoming an EDM Ghost Producer and earn some cash for your tracks.

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