5 EDM Labels Accepting Demos in 2015

5 EDM Labels Accepting Demos 2015

After many of you contacted us about our list of 5 EDM Labels Accepting Demos  you should consider contacting to, we decided to compile a list of 5 more. Our goal at EDM Ghost Producer is to help you build your career whether it be as a DJ or a Producer or both! People who have purchased tracks through us have had success on some labels big and small and whether you have purchased a track with us, we would like to help be a part of your success.

When you are young in your career in terms of a social media presence, it may be difficult to go straight for the top with the massive labels such as Spinnin’ or Revealed. We propose you try starting off with some smaller-medium size labels that will at least hear your track and give up-and-comers a chance. When releasing with these smaller labels, you can slowly build your following or even better, get noticed by a larger label.



5 EDM Labels Accepting Demos 2015

Here is our second list of labels who are accepting demos and are worth your time:

  • RadioKid Records: The first on our list is RadioKid Records who have a plethora of solid releases across a number of genres. Their social following is relatively small with around 2.5k SoundCloud followers, however they are growing quickly and their following is active. They also have a number of EDM.com premiers which could be great exposure for a young artist.

Submit demos here: http://www.radiokidrecords.com/


  • Vous Records: The second on our list is Vous Records who typically release progressive house however are open to multiple genres. With powerful tracks they too have had several EDM.com premiers. With 6k + SoundCloud followers, this label falls into the medium size category, however still within reach for up and coming producers. The label is based out of Shanghai, China, however has a global reach. Vous Demos: http://www.label-worx.com/demo/vousrecords


  • All of My People: The third on our list is the label owned by up and coming producer DNNYD. The label is new with their first release being only a few months ago, however have already had a few Beatport top 100 releases. Your demo is sure to at least get reviewed here: http://aomprecords.label-engine.com/demos



  • Machete Gold: Our final for this list is Machete Gold Records who have a big presence in the future house genre. This label is one of your best bets for getting exposure to this type of music and are within reach for up and coming producers. Demos can be submitted here [email protected]


Please note. EDM Ghost Producer does not have any affiliation with these labels and we cannot guarantee that they will accept your demo. We are always looking out for producers and DJs and finding new ways to get your music heard.


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