Ghost Producers vs Ghost Songwriters

Ghost Producers vs Ghost Songwriters

If you go to a vintage store, you typically go to see something that is old, homemade, and unique. We see value in these kinds of things because nowadays, things are mass produced to keep up with demand that although necessary, these items are not as genuine as they once used to be. And now with advancement in technology, we are able to quickly and efficiently produce these items. But let’s be real, regardless of our stance on organic, authentic, mass production, etc, it’s the way it is because of our demand for them. And to keep up with demand, people seek others to help with production to satisfy our needs. The same goes for non tangible demands like the production of music. Singers are in such high demand, it’s not uncommon to have songwriters write lyrics and have someone else sing them. This practice has been going on for decades and society is pretty content with it. Singers know that in order to keep up with their demand by fans, they need to enlist help. It also works the other way around, a song writer will write an amazing song and just know exactly who could sing it to life, so specific singers are sought to perform the lyrics. Sound familiar? Yes, just like Hollywood, scripts are brought to life with actors. With song writing, or ghost writing as its also referred to as, is a common practice; instead of being taken back by the thought of a singer not writing their own lyrics, when we find out who wrote the lyrics, we ‘ooh and aww’ in applause for the writer, falling more in love with the song knowing how much more talent had their hands on it. 


Let’s take a look at some popular songs. Dr Dre’s 1999 hit, “Still D.R.E.” with Snoop Dogg. Rihanna’s hits, “Bitch Better Have My Money”, “Diamonds”, and “Disturbia”. Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”. All chart topping, number ones, and award winning; and all have credit given to song writers writing the lyrics. “Still D.R.E.” written by Jay Z.  “Bitch Better Have My Money” written by Travis Scott. “Diamonds” written by Sia. “Disturbia” written by Chris Brown. “Party In The USA” written by Jessie J. Now how much more do you love these songs?? If only the same love and understanding for mass production of our daily used items, hollywood movies, and singer ghost writing was the same for the EDM Industry and Ghost Producers.

Why is it that EDM Ghost Producers are looked down upon in the music industry and DJs reputation is at stake when we find out they have tracks that have been written or co-produced by others. EDM Ghost Producers write music for DJs to perform just as lyric writers write songs for singers to sing. Understandably, one may say, well, that’s what a DJ Producer is supposed to be good at; and through tunnel vision, yes. However, it’s easily overlooked everything else a DJ does or has to do to keep up with fan demand. Something we always need to remember is why we put DJs on such a high pedestal. It’s because what the DJ is, is a symbol. A symbol on stage to inspire fans and uplift their audience. Sometimes they utilize the talent around them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with working as a team for the greater good of society. 

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