Chet Porter and the Financial Rewards of Ghost Production

Rising Canadian EDM producer Chet Porter recently shocked fans by announcing on social media that he had ghost produced a track that made it into the charts the previous year and became a big hit.

The Toronto native’s music has quickly gained a following in electronic music due to Porter’s innovative instrumental remixes, such as Line of Sight by ODESZA and Over U by Hitmane. His own debut tune, Awakening, was also well received for its fresh sounds.

Chet Porter’s interesting use of instrumentation integrated into his electronic tracks comes from when he was in a band. The band broke up, Chet Porter wanted to continue making music, so he began experimenting with electronica. However, what he also realized was that he still wanted to incorporate components from his band playing days, which is why drums and guitar feature heavily in his music.

So far, Chet Porter has not mentioned the specific track that he ghost produced, which has led to a lot of speculation among EDM fans. His ambiguous wording was sensible though, given that most ghost production contracts feature a non-disclosure agreement.

Perhaps what was most interesting about Chet Porter’s ghost production revelation was how he alluded to the financial rewards of ghost production. To quote the Tweet directly: “f*ck it, I’m gonna buy myself a crazy f*cking house.”

In ten words, Chet Porter pretty much summed up why ghost production exists and why it works so well. Under this arrangement, talented people like Chet Porter can create music for bigger artists, and they receive a handsome financial reward for their efforts.


After ghost producing just this one successful track, Chet Porter is already able to buy himself a “crazy f*cking house”. That is clearly a life-changing sum of money and shows just how rewarding ghost production can be.

Imagine the rewards for the most successful ghost producers who concentrate their efforts on solely making music, intentionally forgoing the limelight that comes with being a household name.

Furthermore, without people like Chet Porter to ghost produce music, many of these tracks would end up heard by only a few people online rather than millions of fans around the world. A ghost production arrangement like Chet Porter’s makes everyone a winner.

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